Check out our Swing video! It shows happy couples using their swing in many comfortable and supported positions!

A different type of chin up He can enjoy being in the swing too with our with out viagra drugs They called this the wheell barrow. Try and enjoy this!

This position is great for anal too! Or even when she uses a strapon!

Using this comfortable position we both lasted longer than ever before.

She wont get a stiff neck this way during oral sex

The Chinese Basket Trick for today

"You'll never eat..........
in bed again"

One man's comment after his first "2 hour" experience of Kissing the Gates of Heaven in
The Passion Swing

No more strained neck or back muscles giving oral sex

The Chinese Basket Trick 2003
(A moving graphic worth the wait)

"The very first time we used or love swing we both fell in love with each other all over again"

"Neither will I"
said his partner after she put him in The Passion Swing

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"Leave all of that viagra and tantra stuff alone!
She just lays back comfortable and fully supported.
Then we simply both relax and Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy"

(comments by a 45 year old male from New York)


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